Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Magento Development Services – One of the Most Popular e-Commerce Solutions

Magento introduced in 2008 by Varien is much preferred technology for Magento web development /Magento web design as it has been developed with impressive feature set and standard industry components. It is because of this it provides a functional and standardized architecture and extended PHP features. The obvious advantage of being an open source technology is that its code is accessible to Magento developer across the world. And, this being a common ground to share a strong bond, there are wonderful communities of Magento developers across the globe.

Magento development services can be provided with the help of two types of version: the community edition and the enterprise edition. The community edition has some features missing in it and is available free for download. The enterprise edition has advanced features but it requires annual fee. Hence, according to the client requirements, Magento development services provides will decide which version to be used while taking Magento web development or Magento web design.

Magento Programmers can easily add and delete feature from the online shopping cart using free open source platform. New versions and revisions of Magento Programming platform are released time by time to meet the consumer demands. In every update of the magento open source application, new innovative features are introduced. There are many professionals offering customized Magento Theme development services and they do not charge high fees as its an open source application.

Becauase of the number of advantages of magento template development or custom magento template, the developers are in high demand. There are companies who hire magento developers for their projects and pay on working hours basis. India is in top list for the outsourcing of magento development. One can easily find skilled and experienced developers for their online store creation, management and administration. All these facilities with the rich features come in a very affordable price. Offshore development companies in india also allow their developers to communicate with their clients in timely manner. So can hire Magento Programmer for best and affordable Magento Development Services.

For more information regarding any Magento Development and Magento Customization Services please feel free to contact us at info@samiflabs.com.

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